Real Time Star Trek

A Compukit UK101 game: you can download an emulator for the UK101 from Tim Baldwin's sourceforge site.

Click here for a copy of the emulator, ROMs and game

This game must be run on a 32-line display and requires a patched version of the standard monitor ROM that fully supports 32 lines. A suitable monitor called my-newmon.rom can be found in the zip file, along with a copy of the game. Ensure the following configuration options are specified when starting the simulator (these are already defined in the file in the zip):

-p rom.monitor=samples/roms/my-newmon.rom,video.rows=32

It's probably best to run the game with a standard 1MHz CPU speed to start with until you get the hang of the controls. Then maybe switch to 2MHz (or more) for a greater challenge!

Real-Time Star Trek Instructions

Real Time Star Trek is, in the modern jargon, a procedurally generated, open world, RTS (real time strategy) game with destructable environments.

Loading the game

Unzip the file, edit the file to set the paths for the files my-basic.rom and my-newmon.rom and run:
java -jar uk101-1.4.0.jar -c

Press "C", return, return.

Type "LOAD" and press return.

Click "Open…" in Cassette Recorder and double-click "startrek.basic". Then click "Play"

Once the game has loaded, press space to get control back, type "RUN" and press return.

Playing the game

The object of the game is to destroy all the Klingons before the time runs out: when they will perfect their secret weapon and take over the galaxy.

Star Trek

To execute a function: hold down the function key (a letter) plus an optional direction key (a digit). For example, to move down, firing your phasers and recharging shields all at the same time, hold down: "I", "5", "P", and "S".

Hold down the key(s) and wait for the function to take effect. Press the function before pressing the direction.

The numbers around the E show the directions: 1 for straight up etc.

You can operate several functions at the same time, by holding down more than one key at a time.

Functions are:
I + dir Impulse Drive: move around within the current sector
W + dir Warp drive: move to an adjacent sector
T + dir Fire a photon torpedo in the given direction. If a torpedo hits a star, it will create a large explosion which may destroy nearby Klingons (or you!)
S Recharge shield energy: hold down to charge your shields up to the maximum of 500 energy units. Energy is taken from your main energy store, which recharge (by the power plant) up to its maximum of 3000 units.
R Repair. You can repair damage at the cost of energy.
P Fire phasers. Phasers automatically lock on target and keep firing as long as you hold down the P key. Phaser effectiveness decreases with distance. The Klingons only have phasers, so their weapons do more damage the closer you are to them.
G Galaxy Scan: displays the map of the galaxy for as long as you hold down the G key.

The area on the left is the short range scan, showing the current sector:

EThe Enterprise (you!)

The bottom right is the long range scan, showing your sector and the eight surrounding sectors:

Tens digitnumber of Klingons in that sector
Units digitnumber of starbases in that sector
9edge of galaxy

To dock with a starbase, move next to it (using the impulse drive I+direction) and press Y. This will repair all damage, give you full energy, and 8 torpedoes, and reduce shields to zero. So hold down S afterwards to charge up your shields again.

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