Karen Bishop

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I Will Lift Up My Eyes

There Is Rest

Ballad Of The Albatross

by Karen Bishop

She crouched upon the beach in twilight gloom
Bedraggled dove, despairing and alone
There came a flash of white wings overhead
"Seabird I'm lonely, stay with me" she said.

He settled down beside her on the sand
And told her traveller's tales of sea and land
"I wish that I was free, like you" she sighed
"But I'm a prisoner here of wind and tide.

"The air I loved grew rough and drove me down
It tore my wings and left me here to drown.
I long to find my home across the sea.
But dare not trust these wings to carry me."

He laughed and rose, his mighty wings outspread
"Come, look at me, I know your wounds" he said.
He showed her jagged scars, healed tough and strong
That gave him surer wings to fly upon.

"If you will rise and travel on with me,
I'll teach you how to ride the storm" said he.
Trembling she stood and fought the fear inside
"Yes, I will fly, if you will be my Guide".

And close beside him, higher she flew and higher,
Into the eastern skies ablaze with fire.
The little shadow and the mighty one
Heading for home beneath the rising sun.

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